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Making Art

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A friend once asked me why do I make art or why do I feel the impulse to create an image or an object or anything art. Without being too descriptive about my feelings I would say it is simply a desire or a perception that  connects me with  a place, a person, a situation or a memory. Since early age I always liked to write and read poems and would enter into a space of magic and wonder with images forming in front of me – writing would then become an image. The same would happen when I listened to music – sounds merged into many layers of colours. As a child it was fundamental to my understanding that music and images was something that I could enter into. I used to spend hours just listening to music and enjoying its passages and changes to different keys and phrases as well as the colours and layers that would appear in my vision. If, for any circumstance, I felt sad, sorrowful or suppressed then I would dance to express my feelings!

Overtime music, poems, magic and physical movement became the elements in which I could express my feelings and perceptions of the world. There is something special that occurs when I can enter into that space and I want to live it, record it and share with others. It is an intensity felt at heart level – like when you want to dance with someone and not worry about anything else. Making art for me is like that – it is to invite the viewer to dance with me – to their tune of preference, their response and feeling. Is that crazy or weird? Maybe, but this craziness is one very important element in my art making – to create that space of magic.

To translate anything into an image you must enter a space where you are not just trying to describe what the scene is but what it feels like. Think about an emotion, let’s say love or hate, anything – then, try to paint that feeling! Think about colours, movements, texture, intensity, or all the things you associate with that emotion. It will most likely be something abstract, but not always. You can also use metaphors to create a concept of what you want to express. For example, try to paint or to create an image of a sunny day. What colours would you choose and what can you visualise?  How do you see it? Is it a poetic vision or does it represent something more ordinary to you?

This is what I was doing in 2007 when I decide to translate my garden into a series of images. When I painted the work below it was a sunny day in England with the smell of Spring  in the air bringing new life and lots of energy and activity.

HD pastel-2
Garden Series  2007 – Watercolour, gouache and pencil on paper

Now if you feel like you can try it too! Create an image and see if you can enter into a space of feeling. Don’t expect anything grand, be honest to how you feel and just let your emotions manifest. Be crazy and have fun. You can create an image even with few crayons or some inexpensive pens or pencils. This is important to understand as you can identify your style – whether you are romantic, poetic, surreal, an expressionist and so on.

I would love to know how you get on with this. Also don’t forget to share the images you make. Try it! Don’t forget to let me know and share your comments.

Thank you for reading this and have fun making art. 🙂